Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. The Life You Want With The Money You Have

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

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That feeling of never having enough is a drag on our minds, our marriages, our jobs, and our emotions. It makes us resent our circumstances and resent our employers, and it seals all the joy from our everyday lives.

Kim Anderson, Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

Momma, when it comes to your finances do you feel like you’ll never get ahead?  For many the reality seems to be that there is simply not enough money to make ends meet and so borrowing against tomorrow becomes the way you make it through today.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In her book Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. The Life You Want With the Money You Have, author Kim Anderson offers hope to the hopeless.  Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.She does so with the voice of a sister, encouraging you to believe in a better way and offers tangible tools as well as sound advice on how to see your way to the other side.

And, she has the street credentials to prove she not only knows what she’s talking about but also follows her own advice.  Kim and her husband paid off their $93,000 mortgage in just two years on one income, now they are both working from home running their own businesses.

How She Does It

Like many of you, budgeting doesn’t come natural to me.  In fact, I’ll be honest, I wanted to read this book because managing my money is one of those areas in which I could always improve upon.  I enjoy shopping, the thrill of the hunt and catching a good deal with coupons in hand is like sport to me.  I didn’t even have to take the Spending Style Quiz in the book to know I fall into the category of Happy Spender.  With that in mind, I was curious to see what advice this money managing momma had to offer.  Believe me, there’s plenty.

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.One of my favorite parts about this book are the actual tools Kim provides for developing a budget.  She includes a variety of tools to evaluate your spending style, keep track of your debt load, and several spreadsheet and app options for setting up your own budget.  All of it is paired with a good dose of encouragement to keep the reader from being overwhelmed or shamed in the process.  Kim recognizes that the financial evaluation process can be hard and even discouraging; a little like a post-pregnancy weight loss plan.

An Unexpected Bonus

While Kim is absolutely committed to helping her readers learn to make strategic money moves and manage their money in a meaningful way – her desire and heart for helping women to achieve their goals, financial or otherwise is evident throughout the book, but never more so than in Chapter 6, “Creating Your Momentum Milestones.Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

In this chapter, she immediately challenges the reader to get after putting those dreams that roll around unspoken in our head to paper and to set a course toward them.  It feels like an added life coach bonus tucked away in the heart of the book.  Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. isn’t just about learning to manage your money, it’s about creating the life you long for.

The foundation for today was laid years before simply because we were active participants in the future we longed for. #LiveSaveSpendRepeat @thriftylilmom Click To Tweet

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