Tell the Truth: The Top 10 Things You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

Recently I started working with a Registered Dietician and Health Wellness Coach — it’s something I meant to do for years and finally decided to act on in 2018. And much to my surprise, I am actually enjoying my time working with her; especially as we make our way through the concepts found in a book and workbook she encouraged me to pickup.  The material  is amazing and speaks to an intuitive eating approach that is causing me to reconsider everything I’ve thought and believed when it comes to diet and exercise (but that’s another post!)  I am finally beginning to consider a new truth.

In an exercises I covered in my readings a couple of  weeks ago, I was asked to write down how I would respond to someone who was struggling with their weight and was discouraged by their efforts and lack of discernible results.  That was an easy question – one I was able to answer readily.  I wrote out this beautiful response marked by words of encouragement including lots of affirmation and reminders that that persons worth was not tied to a number on a scale.  The next question wasn’t so easy and frankly sent me spinning. “How would I respond to myself in dealing with a similar struggle?”

Cue the significant and momentous pause.  I didn’t even have to think about my answer because I knew the truth.  Trust me, it was neither encouraging nor affirming.  I had to put the workbook down and walk away.

I couldn’t even bring myself to jot down a response.  Instead, I thought of all the things I tell myself when I don’t preform the way I think I should, when I don’t think I get the response from my efforts that I desire.  I can tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  And, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was pretty horrible at extending any self-compassion.  I was as hard on myself as anyone could be and I knew it had to stop.

What about you?  Do you struggle with those same or similar harsh words?  Are you good at extending yourself some self-compassion?

I decided that day that I was not going to continue with this pattern of self-talk and behavior – no matter how honestly I came by it.  However, I knew that I was going to have to be deliberate in changing my behavior and that it would be hard not to fall into old routines and beliefs about who I was and what I deserved.

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This is what the Bible tells us about who and whose my heavenly Father says we are.  Instead of hanging onto the old self-defeating lies, let’s focus on a better list.

Let’s start with a Top 10 List that is built on the truth of what our Daddy says about us.

I am a child of God.  (1 John 3|2)

I am dearly loved.  (Romans 5|8)

I am the head and not the tail.  (Deuteronomy 28|13)

I am redeemed and forgiven.  (Ephesians 1|7)

I am a new creation.  (2 Corinthians 5|17)

I am the light of the world.  (Matthew 5|14)

I am a soldier.  (2 Timothy 2|3)

I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.  (1 Corinthians 6|19)

I am free.  (Galatians 5|1)

I have a glorious future. Romans 8|18

I pray that this week you would take some time to meditate on the scripture above.  It takes a lot of time and effort to erase the vernacular we’ve put in use over the years about ourselves and I for one believe it’s time for a change.

Be there,


15 thoughts on “Tell the Truth: The Top 10 Things You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

  1. I’m always so excited to read your blog because your messages are so relevant to me and my life. I just had an epiphany yesterday as I was crying in my new boss’s office that I am my own biggest enemy. I have no tolerance for my own imperfections but I certainly have a lot of tolerance and affection and kindness for others if they need it. I was trying to figure out a way to be intentional about helping myself to love myself and be kind to myself. Thank you, I now have some tools!

  2. Isn’t neat how God works?! He puts us in Community with one another and allows us to bless each other – I love it.

    Sometimes I wonder about being a little too real for people but I’ve always been one of those who lived out loud. With age I’ve also grown to realize that what we are experiencing is often not so different from what those around us are experiencing. We just have to be willing to be transparent and vulnerable. 💕💕you!

  3. I recently heard one lady say, “Ask yourself the kindest thing you would tell a friend in your situation. Now tell yourself that.” That would stop most of the negative talk. Thanks for addressing this important topicof negative self talk that keeps stealing our true identity.

  4. Dear Julia, it’s easy to forget the power of self talk ( and “the voices in my head” as Sandra Bullock called them) . It’s also easy to forget we are created in the image of God; He loves us and is proud of us. Thanks and blessings for this greater reminder to tend lovingly and gently with God’s children, including ourselves.

  5. Genius! If we don’t have a clear picture of who and whose we are, we’ll never master our messes here on earth! Blessings!

  6. God’s word sure sets us free from the trap of our negative self-talk. Thank you for the beautiful reminders from God’s word about who I am.

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