The Best Shopping List for Busy Moms

Okay Momma, this is the type of blog post you forward to your spouse, boyfriend, children and anyone else who might be shopping for you.  Better yet, read it, print it and highlight your favorites – then leave it on a desk, the kitchen counter and any other not-so-subtle place.  We all know the count down to Christmas is coming and this year let’s ask for what we really want and need.  It’s okay to make your preferences known.  Really. Who has time for playing coy?

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On my list this year are a variety of things for the mom that works in or out of the home, and a few selections for your limited downtime.  Whatever your circumstances, they’re guaranteed to make your days a little better and brighter.

It’s time to get shopping.

Sit Stand to the Rescue:

This year I hopped on the trend to make my work day a little healthier and opted in on a Varidesk Sit-to-Stand Desk.  While not an inexpensive option, it is the type of investment that pays dividends and there are many versions at a variety of price ranges available.  What I did:  Pass on ordering the high-end foot mat and pick up one of the nice memory foam kitchen or bath mats at a store like HomeGoods at a much lower price.

Just Roll With It:

Another ergo/health feature, this might be the year I finally get around to purchasing one of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs.  It’s one of those items I’d like to have and circle around and eye from a distance.  Again, there are a variety of options at a variety of price ranges.  I’ve been eyeballing the Classic Balance Ball Chair in Ocean.  shoppingWhat’s your/her favorite color?  Let’s get shopping!

A Class Act Date Night:

I don’t know about you but date nights around my house seem few and far between, last minute and often fall into the category of dinner or a show – maybe once in a while we do both.  This year I started looking at the shows hosted by the Theater at our local University for the 2018 season and identified a couple I thought my husband and I might enjoy.  There is nothing like a broadway musical to revive your date night life – and purchasing tickets is an easy ask of the special person in your life.  Price ranges can very greatly depending on the show and the seats your prefer – be sure to inquire about any student discounts.

Dinner Time:

Early into our marriage my husband and I located a small cooking school in a neighboring town and have since taken two classes there and sent our daughter to cooking camp as well.  Whether it’s something you do by yourself, with a spouse or a friend, a gift certificate for baking lessons or Italian Food Night is the gift that keeps giving – it’s also the promise of a full belly.  Explore the options in your area.

A Good Read:

Whether we’re talking audio, e-books or hard copies, there is nothing like a good read.  This is true even if finding time to do so is illusive.  Check out what I’ve read and what I want to read here.

Be sure to check back with me next week for Part 2 of this amazing list!

Be there.

3 thoughts on “The Best Shopping List for Busy Moms

  1. Neat ideas. I wanted to try the ball chair, but it’s hard to find a good quality one, it seems. But yeah, I love my standing desk. I had a hard time adjusting to it at first, but with a standing mat I can even wear my heels.

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