Begin Again: Overcoming Betrayal

I am excited to be working with the wonderful Carolina Cisneros and her Begin Again Series.  Aside from being a sister in Christ, wife and mother, this beautiful woman is also an accomplished poet, blogger and activist.  Below is an excerpt from my post featured on her blog, please check it out and all of the other amazing stories.

A Guest Post at Cisneros Cafe

It was the summer between my 8th grade and freshmen year in high school. My family; parents and siblings, had just arrived at a hotel outside of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. We were joining another family whose children were just offset each of us by a year or so. All pre-teens and teens (I remember the oldest bringing her boyfriend) what could be more fun than a couple of days in a giant amusement park with family friends. There may have been a few more people – it was not a detail that would stick with me.


The trip should have been a lot of fun; a trip to remember in the midst of a pivotal summer.


And, I do remember it still today – for all of the wrong reasons.

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