Work Mom – A new series!

Work Mom Series
Work Mom: A New Series for Working Moms

Whether you work in or out of the home and your babies are in diapers or college, the Work Mom Series is for you.  Work Mom is a 5 Part Series packed with life hacks and lessons to help you run your Mom Life before it runs you.  And, if it’s already running you – no worries, there will be plenty of tips and tools to return you to the driver’s seat.

Work Mom Series

Each week this Spring we will focus on a different theme as well as valuable life hacks and lessons to help you manage or take back your life.  Here’s the plan:

Week 1:  How Much is Your Time Worth?

Week 2:  Finding Room for Grace

Week 3:  Finding Help

Week 4:  Love Your Self

Week 5:  Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Work Mom will also include a couple of new features; the first is a Pinterest Board uniquely themed with content and resources to help you manage that Work Mom life.  The second feature is geared toward helping those (like me) that are looking for ways to reclaim and redeem their family meal time and will include a few midweek blogs and live FB videos covering my venture into meal planning.  Prepare to be entertained and informed!

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