Taking it Back

Pulling into the parking lot a few minutes late, I hurriedly grabbed my heels and rushed into the church.  The Weatherman, waiting patiently, was chatting with one of our instructors.  The  strains of Micheal Buble’s ‘How Sweet It Is‘ began to play and we started (both of us trying to lead) with the routine choreographed for our reception. An hour later we walked out with only a few smushed toes and smiles on our faces. Climbing into my car the smile quickly vanished as I realized that my wallet and purse were missing – they’d been stolen.

Taking back what the Devil stole From me-2

Having my purse and wallet stolen so close to our wedding date was upsetting.  And, even though everything was found in  a dumpster about a mile away the whole experience caused me no small amount of trouble, time and inconvenience.  I was upset and angry with the turn of events; bothered that it had happened in my church parking lot and feeling caught off guard.

As moms we come to expect the absence of certain things in our lives.

A long soak in the tub.

A quiet moment in the toilet.

Eight hours of sleep.

Although I wouldn’t mind having any of the above in greater abundance, their absence isn’t wholly unexpected in this season marked by my littles.

There are other, more valuable things, that have gone missing during these mothering years.  Perhaps, you can relate? And, taking my cue from scripture I know exactly who’s to blame.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

In the last 8 years I have witnessed the devil steal

my joy,

my peace,

my confidence,

my contentment,

my relationships,

my sense of self-worth,

and many more things.

Mommas, that devil will catch us off guard if we’re not vigilant.  He will sneak into our lives  and homes by way of an unfettered tongue or a tired unruly child; by way of comparison; and by way of a overwhelmed and underfed soul. He will come in and steal what God has given us.

These big break-ins leave us feeling spent and defeated.  If we are not careful they can become a way of life that that leaves us reeling as we experience invasion after invasion.

If the enemy has stolen your joy, your peace, or your confidence and you are feeling battered and bruised – uncertain that things will ever change, please hear this truth:

The battle is not yours; it belongs to the Lord.


The devil has no authority in our life but what we allow as Christ has ALREADY won the victory.

Today is the day you resolve in your heart and in your head that you are going to march into that enemy’s camp and as the old hymns say “take back what he stole from me.”

The Battle Plan

  1. Take some time to pray that God would reveal to you those areas in your life where the devil has claimed ground.  Maybe over the last six months your temper has gotten away from you or perhaps you’ve fallen into a comparison trap as you watch a friend or a peer with their children or spouse.
  2. Pray that God would give you the wisdom and strength to make changes and gain reclaim ground in this area.  Pray that
  3. Get into the word – you will find so many examples where God’s people have struggled and called upon God for victory in a certain area in their life and He provided. What you are experiencing is not new and don’t believe that lie as it will only leave you feeling isolated and even more defeated.  You are not alone in this.  Start with reading Ephesians 6:10-18.
  4. Journal, journal, journal.  This is a great way to see how you are reclaiming stolen ground in your life.  Start by writing down those areas where God has revealed that the devil has gained ground.  Write down your prayers and how you are asking God to move in these areas and finally, write down how you see Him move and work.

Please feel free to share those areas where you need to reclaim stolen ground – I’d love to pray with you and hear what God is doing in your life!

2 thoughts on “Taking it Back

  1. Well written and great lessons to apply whether the things of real value have been stolen by the enemy or simply given away by us because we didn’t recognize their value. There is great freedom to be found in taking back, and having God give back, what He says was His gifts to us to begin with. Keep writing and keep sharing. You’re doing good work in allowing the lessons taught by God to be known by others. — Tom

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