My Love Language is . . .

I love the holiday season and the crisp days leading up to Thanksgiving and culminating with Christmas are my favorite.  A traditionalist, I enjoy having my family around the table and all the planning and preparation leading up to the big meal.  This year is even more special as I am looking forward to Eva, my aspiring chef, helping me out in the kitchen.

Once the pie is sliced and the coffee poured it’s time to get out the ads and sketch out my plan of attack for the next day.  I am one of those 5 am people.  Coffee brewed and travel mug in hand I am out the door while it’s still dark outside and most of the neighborhood fast asleep.  I’ve swapped out purses to give my shoulder a break and layer my clothes like I’m going for a run to avoid dragging a winter coat around.

I enjoy the challenge, the thrill of the hunt, and the satisfaction of getting a good deal.  But, nothing is more enjoyable to me than finding the perfect gift for those special people in my life.  I’ve been known to scope out the status of my mother-in-law’s perfume bottles and for hiding the Weatherman’s unique gifts at my friend’s house.  (You’d be amazed at how easy it is to hide a kayak if one really tries.)  Should we be surprised to find such joy in the blessing of others when central to our relationship with our Creator is the gift of His son?

The giving of gifts has always been my greatest love language; and so, I am beyond excited to enter into this holiday season with all of you!  Over the next couple of weeks I will be giving away a few of my favorite things to some lucky readers.  And today, on Day 14 of my 30 Days of Thankfulness, I am grateful for my opportunity to find some perfect gifts just for you!  Here are a few of the things you might win.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I will be giving away a copy of The Broken Way Study Guide and DVD by Ann VosKamp.

I will also be giving away a copy of Mark Batterson’s newest book, Chase the Lion.

And, the study Guide for Lysa Tykeurst’s newest book Uninvited.

Entering for your chance to win is as easy as:

  1. Sharing this post to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account; and
  2. Tagging me in your social media post or sharing it below in the comments.

I hope you take the time to share this post as I believe God knows which of you each of these books will uniquely speak to.  Check back in the coming days for other special giveaways this holiday season!  Be there.

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