30 Days of Thankfulness – Days 10, 11, & 12

So very much to be thankful for these last three days.  (It’s the little and not so little things.)

Day 10 – On Thursday our not so small group (over 24 when including all the kids) met at our home.  It was a bit of controlled chaos, but I am grateful for a home that allows us to host so many and for the opportunity to serve our newly launched church in this way.

Day 11 – On Friday we recognized and celebrated Veterans in this country and I am so very grateful for those who have served.  I am grateful for my way of life and the life that my children enjoy due to the sacrifice of others.  I am grateful for the courage and loyalty of those who work daily to preserve our safety and way of life.

Day 12 – Today was one of those days filled with many little things to be thankful for.  It started with a brisk 3 mile run with my best running buddy; then a slow and lazy morning with my youngest.  That was filled with a couple hours of shopping with my bestie and a shared quesadilla at the book store.  I am grateful for the bread bowls I picked up on the way home and for the potato soup I served in them.  It turned out so much better than I expected.  I am grateful for grownup coloring books and for sharing it with my oldest.  I am grateful for online grocery shopping and last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for a  quiet hour or so of tv with my hubby. 



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