30 Days of Thankfulness – Day 3

I had plenty of things to be thankful for today, but none more so than a 30 minute parent teacher conference this evening. Tonight I am thankful for my daughter’s second grade teacher.

Last year I remember passing her in the hallway and knowing (with nothing more than a passing ‘Hello’) that she was the teacher for my girl.  But, with just the twinge of a mother’s intuition, I didn’t feel right making a teacher request.  And so I left it up to God.  Of course, when the teacher assignment came in the mail I realized that the mother’s intuition was maybe more a nudge of the Holy Spirit.

This woman has committed her life to serving God in the mission fields of Africa and now in my daughter’s school.  My sweet girl, the one with a heart for our Lord and His people, has flourished under this woman’s instruction.  Her confidence in her own academic abilities has grown by leaps and bounds as has her conviction for serving other people.  Tonight, after reviewing reading and math levels, walking through her young journal and discussing embarrassing moments this kind teacher asked if I had any questions or concerns.  Let me say that this conversation alone was enough to be thankful for – a giant dose of encouragement after what was a very long and trying day for our family.

I drew a deep breath and with the intent of being succinct, attempted to share in limited detail some of the challenges our family was facing and my concerns that these things would negatively impact my girl in the coming days.  The tears came quickly to my eyes and almost as quickly came her offer to pray.  I could hear my tears falling on the papers below as she prayed with the familiarity and ease of a woman used to talking with her Heavenly Father.  She prayed with confidence and wisdom; demonstrating a level discernment I hadn’t expected.  I left that parent-teacher conference feeling well prayed for and encouraged – encouraged about more than my dear Eva.

Today, I am grateful for the kindness of a teacher who teaches well.

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