What I’m learning about God from my puppy.

PK (or ‘Peak’ as a I call him) is my 5 month old chocolate labador retriever puppy. He is 45 pounds of energy, enthusiasm, and crazy puppy love.  All legs and tail, his manners are horrendous, stealing kisses and tenderloins in the same instance.

Good thing he’s cute.

I hope to find in Peak another option for a running buddy.  But as anyone who has committed to running knows you must first be able to walk before running – and walking with Peak is not an enjoyable experience.  (Don’t be fooled by those puppy eyes.)

Even before we step out the door I am weary from his enthusiasm and that’s simply from trying to attach his leash.  As soon as Peak sees it he begins jumping and twisting with excitement about what lies ahead.

And then there is the constant pulling.

Peak has no idea what direction we are heading or even our destination and yet he pulls and pulls.  He wants to lead the way, tugging against his collar, against his leash, and against my arm.  Not yet ready to heed my commands he is headstrong and left to his own devices a threat to his well being.

He does’t know he isn’t ready.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with my vision and God’s will for my life.

I’ve got all of these ideas and don’t know what areas I should devote my attention to.  Which ones are optional and which ones are not?  Where does He want me?  What is my “best yes”?  I’ve spent restless nights circling these questions.  And then yesterday I began a devotional by Andy Stanley on Visioneering and today’s devotion stuck with me.  In it Andy says this:

Don’t move before God leads. Accept his training and his timing. Meanwhile, your vision, though it may burn inside you, will enable you to endure the wait, because you know it’s worth it to get it right.

I realized that like my crazy puppy I’m full of excitement and enthusiasm – pulling against my Master’s lead. I have been tugging towards an unknown vision, one that I am not yet prepared for.  Headstrong I find that I am wearing myself out.  Left to my own devices the consequences could be grave.

And so, this morning I’ve purposed to wait – knowing that sometimes the vision comes before the preparation is complete.  If you are like me, feeling as though you are pushing against so many unknowns, let me encourage you to take stock.  Are you waiting for the master’s lead? Are you trusting of his timing?  Or are you, like my crazy puppy, pulling against the master’s lead?

2 thoughts on “What I’m learning about God from my puppy.

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve also been struggling with direction of sorts. An energy within – but what direction is it meant to be used for?

    In regards to that cute puppy of yours, might want to try an easy lead harness (clips in the front) or freedom harness (clips in the front and back for extra control). Anything that clips in the front if he tries too hard to pull will turn himself right around, taking some of that fun out of pulling, while also giving you more control. Disclaimer – I’m no expert, but I volunteer at my local animal shelter weekly, and have seen it help with all sorts of excited dogs!

  2. Exactly!

    And, thanks for the suggestion. We’re working in a couple of different leads – he seems to be growing by leaps and bounds these days!

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