What is your story?

As a young girl my dad constantly berated me about my weight; he told me that I was fat and that no one would ever marry or hire me because of that.

For years I let his be the words of my story.  I believed that my worth, my value, my beauty was tied to a number.  I believed that as long as I was fat I was unloveable, unworthy.

And even when I had my “come to Jesus” moment as a young adult I still struggled with these beliefs.

When you learn early on that you can’t trust the words of your earthly father, you struggle to believe the words of your Heavenly Father.

I have spent most of my years proving to myself that I was loveable; constantly battling old voices with God’s truth.

Last weekend I listened to author Lysa TerKeurst speak at the She Speaks 2016 conference about her own struggles with the lingering effects of the words of others. And while her story resonated it didn’t hit home until she said this:

 “Their words cannot be the words of my story.”

I had picked up my dad’s words and carried them around with me for years and made them the central theme to my story. I purposed at that moment to lay that garbage down and cling to a new truth.

Listen friend – God did not intend for you to live your life burdened and bound by the words of others.  If you are going to focus on any words let them be these:

God created you and He loves you.  

And, let me share with you what Lysa reminded me:

God is good.

God is good to you.

God is good at being God.

And so today, whatever lie you are carrying around; whatever words are ringing in your head, let me encourage you to lay them down here and claim a new story.

Here is my new story:

I am loved.  I am lovable.


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