COMPEL Training

Last Thursday I got up a half hour earlier than I normally do because I knew registration would be open.  I wanted to make sure my registration was complete before the morning hustle began.  I opened my email, clicked the link and waited.  ERROR.  I tried the process twice on my phone and then got out my laptop; each attempt yielded the same result.  ERROR.  I found my husband’s laptop and received another “ERROR” message but this was a bit more detailed.  I started to think about the stories I’d heard about people attempting to purchase Adele concert tickets; seriously, had registration filled up already? Was I too late to the party? I began to kick myself for not getting up earlier . . .

In 2013, I first registered for COMPEL Training  but cancelled a couple months later after becoming pregnant with my second child (sweet Sofia).  it just didn’t seem like the right time to be focusing on another new endeavor.  This proved to be a good choice as the pregnancy was marked by gestational diabetes, kidney stones and later sepsis.  Each of these factors on their own was significant; their occurrence (in parallel) was further compounded by my advanced age 0f 38 years. (*Sigh*, since when did “38” become advanced?) And, if all of the pregnancy related stuff wasn’t enough, our house sold and we moved just weeks after I delivered into a new home.  I am sure the Holy Spirit was prompting me to reevaluate my decision in 2013 and I am glad I listened.  I lived a lot of life over the last several years.

Now, almost 2 years later, with a one and a half year old, a kindergartener, and a freshman in college it seems like things might just start to be settling down.  This Momma has warmed up to the idea of taking steps to explore the dream and call to write that has been floating between my heart and head for some time now. The timing is  perfect.  Just as I was setting up a new blog and updating my social media handles I received an email saying that registration for COMPEL would once again be opening up.  Registration would begin on January 27 and would only be open for 48 hours.  I was ready and the ERROR messages did get resolved.

Instead of me trying to tell you about what COMPEL is, I though I’d share how they describe their ministry:

COMPEL Training is a monthly membership site, giving members exclusive access to key teachings and behind-the-scenes lessons from industry leaders.  COMPEL is a membership site for influencers who want to write words that move people. Compel is led by author Lysa Terkeurst and the team at Proverbs 31 Ministries.”

Much of this process is going to require a good bit of discipline and hard work on my end; my first task is to commit to writing one blog post per week.  I’ve not been consistent in maintaining my blog; so now, I am setting aside time to make this a priority – the blogs won’t write themselves!  I look forward to seeing how God shapes and works through me during this process and hope you will join me for the journey.