Choose you this day

As a mom there are so many important things I want to share and impress upon my children. One of those things is the importance of the choices they will make throughout the course of their lives. There are consequences to their choices, both good and bad – some that will remain with them forever.  So many times they think their decisions exist within a vacuum; the Bible shows us this isn’t true.  

I pray regularly for Godly wisdom in their decision-making and I encourage them to make “wise choices” as they go out the door.  The most important choice they can make is a decision to live for Christ; I pray that Rob and I have the necessary wisdom and understanding to communicate this. 

Parents, remain strong, be encouraged by the good work your God is doing in and through you. Choose to parent wisely and pray that God will guide you and provide you with the necessary wisdom.

I love the overlay of the Reverend Billy Graham preaching with the Toby Mac song City On Our Knees. I hope you sense the same urgency and conviction I did.


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