In defense of FB

Sometimes I think that FB is one of those things that I should “give up” and step away from – like a permanent Lent sacrifice. But I don’t. I am purposeful in endeavoring to post only positive things; not so as to give some false representation of life in this Dale household, but to be purposeful in not contributing to the garbage available in social media. There are too many things to celebrate. 

I also stay on because in this season in life (as a full time working mom with 3 girls ranging from 1 to 17) there is minimal “time for the momma”. I don’t recall the last time I went to “dinner with the girls” and even phone calls are impossible between the clamor from work and the voices of my family I so desperately want to hear. I’ve felt convicted of my physical well being with such young ones at “my age”. That what little socialization time I did have has gone to my running.

And this is why I stay connected to FB. It allows me to feel connected to amazing people I’ve meet in my travels and other not so committed periods of my life. It allows me, after the kids go to bed, to peek into the lives of these amazing women I know – it’s my way of going through the photo albums of their kids and hearing the stories of what’s going on in their lives. Tonight, I caught up on a blog written by a young women I have much in common with and then checked out the website of another I’ve only met briefly but would love to spend much time with as she is an encourager. And then there is another, a gal I graduated with that lives far away but I just know I’d love to hang out with if she were nearby.

While the Weatherman makes for great company and a wonderful life long partner, there is something about the company of other women that cannot be replaced