When I was younger I often found myself struggling with a spirit of discontent; I was discontent about being single, discontent with my then career, discontent with what I thought the future held.

Today, in the quiet of the morning, with both child and husband in bed I find myself reflecting on what it means to have a spirit of gratitude. The Bible reminds us in 1 Chronicles 16:34, to “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” When I close my eyes and think about this verse I found myself replaying the various stages of my life and thanking God for His constant presence. Even in the midst of significant times of trial, hurt and lostness, His hand is clear to me. His presence was evident in the times grace was extended although not deserved, evident in the loved ones He provided, evident in the mentors, educators and good friends. Although I struggled at times with discontentment, He never abandoned me and loved me even when I was not certain about my love for Him.

As I sit with my quiet cup of coffee I am overrun with gratitude for the life I have. I think of the sleeping child and husband; the baby growing within me; and they are more than enough to draw a whispered “thank you”.

Cultivating a spirit of gratitude does not require a “perfect” life; one does not need to be without uncertainties or trials to be grateful. Today, unaware of what tomorrow holds, I chose to be content. I chose to be grateful for what He has done and all that He continues to do in my life.