Why Our Kids Mean So Much

Tonight the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour (www.secretkeepergirl.com) stopped in Lansing, Michigan on the campus of Great Lakes Christian College (www.glcc.edu).  This stop was sold out; 1,000 mothers and daughters congregated in the Doty Center to talk about true beauty, modesty and purity.

As the show ends with rounds of “Jesus Loves Me” and I watch mothers and daughters praying together I can’t help but grow misty.  There is nothing I believe in more than the importance of sharing the love of Christ with our children.  Just as important is the role that mothers play in the lives of their daughters; as mothers we have the opportunity, duty and responsibility to speak truth into our daughters’ lives.  We can teach them that there is both “right” and “wrong”, that there is “good” and “bad” and that the consequence of sin is death.  We are the ones that must teach them that it is “okay” to be different from the world, in fact, that being different from the world is good.

This truth is applicable at all ages; both my four year old and my 16 year old know that “bad choices” lead to consequences.  Both my girls know what is appropriate and what is not; they know that it requires courage to obey and they know that we pray regularly for God to reveal to them His will for their life.

I wish every mother and daughter in the area could have come to tonight’s event; I wish that this was more than a one time thing and that the message the girls heard to night would resonate in their hearts and minds. Our children (however we come by them) are the greatest things God could entrust to us; with them we have a stewardship.  As parents, what we do today, tonight and tomorrow matters. Our children will lead the way and they will either be kingdom builders or kingdom destroyers.  I pray that we will commit to raising children who will turn to and not away from God.  I pray that our children will have the courage to obey and surrender to God’s call on their life.  I pray they will possess Godly wisdom and be discerning to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I pray that God would give me the courage and wisdom to lead my children closer to Him so that one day they will continue the kingdom work.

Have no doubt, one day our children will lead; the only question is will it be in the right direction.