I am married to the most amazing man (aka the “Weatherman”), which proves that 1) You can find a good guy at Church and 2) Good things come to those who wait. Rob and I “hung out” for awhile before I ever acknowledged any of our time together as dating.  As my best friend tells it, I had “commitment issues”.  Either way, the man has the patience of a saint and in his mind (and I think that of everyone else in our church) had us married off long before I could even see the writing on the wall. When we married I became part of a larger family that included three lovely stepdaughters; Rob and I then had two more daughters. Our home has never been lacking when it comes to dolls, dresses, the color pink and estrogen. Like I said, he has the patience of a saint.

I am a first generation college student, the product of divorce, blended family and a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” mentality. The oldest of three, my picture may be found next to the definition of “first born”.  I learned early the value of perseverance and hope to pass along this same lesson to our girls.

Like many young adults, I stepped away from God while I was away at college – it was a slow departure during my undergraduate career. My heart battled with what it knew and felt; but the world and all of its seductive reasoning overwhelmed my anemic faith and the false assurances that come with self-reliance. Not until my last year in law school would I make my way back to the Church and a deeper, richer, and stronger relationship with my Lord and Savior.

After law school I immediately began a career in public service; I am honored to serve and am better for the experience.

Together, my husband and I have served within a variety of roles within the body of Christ. Currently, we are helping to launch a new Church within our community.

My heart . . .

I love God and His people. I love to talk with them and interact; to find out what makes them tick, what they’re passionate about, and what their goals are. People and relationships matter to me. I’ve always thought that the worst job for me would involve some type of solitary environment (like a lab or small office) I’d deflate and suffer withdrawal, grow bored and eat copious amounts of chocolate. Not a “good thing.”

I am passionate about being a Christ-follower; and I am passionate about being the wife and mother God created me to be. I believe that marriage and motherhood matter.

Women are uniquely gifted to serve and lead within the home, workplace, community and church and I want to talk about why I think being a mom and parenting are so incredibly significant.  More importantly, I want to encourage you as we try to figure out this thing called motherhood.

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