Secret Keeper Girl: A Mother Daughter Review

We’ve all heard people talking
About all the things that they regret
And what they would change to do it again
We know our story’s just starting
So much is unwritten, yeah
We’re gonna go right when the world goes left
‘Cause we don’t wanna waste even one of these days


We’re gonna save (HEY!) ourselves the heartache
We’re not looking back (NO!) on what we wished we’d done
We’re gonna risk (YEAH!) it all for one thing
And live for Jesus while we’re young
While we’re young, young, young, young

While We’re Young, 1 Girl Nation

Last Thursday Eva (my 8 year old daughter) and I joined over 500 other mothers and daughters at my home church, 2|42 Community Church, for an evening of teaching and music, laughter and dancing as part of the Secret Keeper Girl World Masterpiece Tour.  The show was sold out for good cause – it was an amazing evening of mother/daughter connectedness filled with sound Biblical teaching and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We were happy to be there with Eva’s best fiend and her mother.  And, I couldn’t be happier to know that one of Eva’s closest confidantes has a mother just as involved in her life and saw the value of being there.

What is Secret Keeper Girl?

Dannah Gresh, was a mom on a mission and the creator of Secret Keeper Girl.  The story is best told in her own words, “I designed Secret Keeper Girl events as a tool for moms.  It is a fun way to give our daughters’ hearts another layer of protection from future pain by planting scriptural truths in their hearts today.”

The Secret Keeper Girl Masterpiece World Tour teaches mothers and daughters to reframe the way they look at the world, and themselves. It’s an opportunity to learn the secrets of modest and true beauty, while connecting with their daughter and digging into God’s word.  This special tour reminds girls and women that they are a masterpiece created by God, and every masterpiece and every masterpiece must be protected.

VIP access to one-on-one conversation and much more before the show.

The event is two and a half hours long with an intermission, fashion show, live worship and Biblical teaching.

Over the course of the evening I could see Eva make the connections between how she felt about herself and what God’s word says about who and whose she is.  By the end of the evening we grew more connected, worshipped together, prayed together, danced together and shared tears of joy.  Despite the long day, Eva couldn’t stop talking about all she had learned.  My eyes were opened to how much she was already internalizing messages about her appearance and what the world might think of her.  Her honest conversation gave me lots to ponder and pray about.  We also went home with a lot of great books to read and work through together.

If you’re considering taking a young tween in your life to a Secret Keeper Girl event, don’t just take my word for it, listen to what Eva has to say about her own experience.

There are many more tour stops throughout the month of May – don’t wait to get your tickets!

Be there,




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