Back To School – 3 New Reasons to Love it!

Back To SchoolI love heading back to school – even when I am not the one heading back to school.  As a child I would lie in bed, wide awake the night before the first day of school.  It wasn’t nerves that kept me awake  but rather the anticipation.  What’s not to love about a brand new 64 pack of Crayola Crayons with the sharpener built into the back side?  There is the thrill of a new back pack, a clean spiral notebook and the trapper keepers of the 80s.  My love for all things “Back To School”  didn’t diminish when I graduated from high school.  I packed it, along with my favorite quilt and winter clothes into a suitcase and carried it into the dorms with me.  The night before my first day of classes at Michigan State University I laid in bed willing myself to sleep.

I really do love “Back To School.”

No longer a student, but a parent, the significance of heading back to school has taken on new meaning.  There is still the stress fun of back to school shopping and the uncertainty of class assignments but there is also so much more.  A return to school offers the hope of so much more to the moms (and yes, dads) out there.  Trust me, back to school isn’t just for kids.

3 New Reasons to Love it!

It’s the new “New Year.”

Let’s be honest,  by the time the new school year rolls around we are more than half way into the new year and there’s a good chance that any New Year’s resolutions you had are long since abandoned.  Back to school signals a change in schedules and routines in our home; bed times are adjusted and alarm clocks switched “on”.  The kids are called in from outside long before dusk and meal planning becomes a bit more serious.

As my family and I adjust to the new norms I have found that it’s also a good time to initiate other changes.  After some personal illness this spring followed by a foot injury I never picked up my running routine this summer.  As the kids head back to school and my husband and I firm up our schedules I’ve included my running group in the fall lineup.

I’ve also committed to improving my meal planning to include healthier, more made-from-scratch kinds of meals and to beef up my personal Bible Study.  I look forward to the opportunity to start again.  What would you like to recommit to this fall?

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Time to take charge!

Whatever it is you decide to start again or to start for the very first time a plan is necessary for your success.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

~Benjamin Franklin

There are training plans, diet plans, and career plans for a reason.  Thought, passion and energy are all good things but if they are not accompanied by a plan to move forward, they won’t take us very far.

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One of my favorite things about this time of year are the emails and catalogs I receive touting the highlights of some of my favorite planners.  The only thing I like as much as a new planner is a new journal.  Choosing a planner is personal.  It’s a matter of preference.  What are your favorites?  Here are a few I have used over the years (I have not received anything for sharing these recommendations):

Corie Clark Daily Purposeful Planner

Franklin Planner Simplicity for Moms

INKWELL Press Classic Horizontal Planner

Build a New Community

A new classroom for our child can also mean new classmates and new parents.  This is a great opportunity for us as parents to look at expanding our circle.  Whether you want to get to know the parents of your child’s new friends or are looking for someone to come alongside you on your new, new year’s resolutions now is the perfect time.  Get involved in a parent’s group or check with your school to see if they maintain a list of parents looking to carpool.  Either way, you are taking the first step to opening the door to new relationships.

Fall is also a great opportunity to check out a church.  It can be hard to find a church home, even harder if you don’t have a church background.  Churches know that families are settling down with the start of the new school year and host a Fall Kickoff.  I attend 242 Community Church and all three of our campuses (located in Ann Arbor, Brighton and Lansing) will have a similar event this fall.  If you don’t live in Michigan or one of the above campuses isn’t near you and you would like help locating a church to visit please comment below or contact me and I would love to help.

What’s New With Me?

With all this talk of back to school and the new year I wanted to share some of the exciting things I will be doing.  First, for those of you who subscribe to my blog you’ll notice that there has been a shift in the days I post.  New blog posts will now appear on Wednesday mornings.  “Why the shift?” you ask.  Two reasons, first I have been convicted about how I keep the Sabbath and while blogging isn’t necessarily work it was beginning to feel that way on Sundays.  Second, I want to make sure that my husband and my girls get the best of my time and attention when it is most needed.  Sunday evenings (when I would typically work on my posts) are that time for my family.

Carpool Moments

Carpool Moments

These brief clips I will be posting live a few times a week on Instagram.  They will include quick tidbits and prayers to help you and your kids as you make it through the week.  If you aren’t following me now make sure you do so you don’t miss out on all the goodness as we get our days started together.  Find me here on Instagram and be sure to like and follow!

Thank you showing up and joining the conversation, I would love it if you were to share my site with your friends – let’s spread all the good news about Motherhood Matters!

Be there.


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