Living A Legacy Worth Leaving

A legacy worth leaving
Are you living a legacy worth leaving?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about legacies and what it means as a mom to leave a legacy.  What do I do that will leave a lasting impression on my children?  How does my faith impact the legacy I leave?  Will my marriage impact them and their understanding of marriage and if so, how?  And, what about my status as a working mom; what kind of legacy will that leave?  The process has been a bit like traveling down a rabbit hole.

One thing has become abundantly clear, I must be deliberate about the imagery, relationships and messages that makeup the backdrop of my girls’ lives if I want to ensure that the legacy I leave them with is a legacy worth leaving.

We must be deliberate about the imagery, relationships & messages that fill our children's lives if we want to ensure we are creating a legacy worth leaving. #LeaveALegacy Click To Tweet

Truthfully, it’s easier to think about the kinds of things I don’t want to leave as a legacy for my girls.  For instance, I don’t want them to think of momma as always being too busy for them.  Nor do I want a legacy of distraction and impatience, or of shallow faith and joyless living.

In the spirit of full disclosure, because I am a lawyer by training and partially due to my personality, the best place for me to start in figuring out what kind of legacy I want to leave is to start at the beginning.  And in my mind, that is a definition.

Definition of legacy

plural legacies

1:  a gift by will especially of money or other personal property :  bequest She left us a legacy of a million dollars.

2:  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past the legacy of the ancient philosophers The war left a legacy of pain and suffering.

“Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor . . . “

What is it that you are leaving behind? And, what do you want to leave behind? #LeaveALegacy Click To Tweet

Momma, I know that we all want good things for our kids.  We want them to have a better life than what did; a more developed faith, a stronger marriage, and a fuller life.  Because of these shared desires, I am excited to share that today I am kicking off an 8 week series exploring the question of what it takes to create a legacy worth leaving.  Each week I will be sharing with you those things I believe are the hallmarks of a legacy worth leaving and want to encourage you to join the conversation.

Here is a quick look at what lies ahead:

Week 1:  Introduction

Week 2: A Legacy of Faith

Week 3: A Legacy of Worship

Week 4: A Legacy of Service

Week 5: A Legacy of Love

Week 6: A Legacy of Contentment

Week 7: She Speaks Break

Week 8: She Speaks Break

Week 9: A Legacy of a Godly Marriage

Week 10: Conclusion

Please check back in next week as we talk about what it means to live and leave a legacy of faith.  You can subscribe to my blog and the posts will show up automatically in your inbox!

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5 thoughts on “Living A Legacy Worth Leaving

  1. Hi Julia! thanks for sharing this…although I am not a mom, I believe we are all leaving a legacy in our lives with the people we meet every day. I am also a teacher, so I feel strongly that my legacy with my students is a vital part of my life. Thanks for sharing the importance of this. Your series looks great! Glad to be your neighbor at #coffeeforyourheart today!!

  2. This is a great beginning, Julia. Time goes by so fast, and all the intentions we have for our children when they are babies and toddlers get called in so quickly as they turn the corner into double digits and teen years!

  3. Thanks for sharing this at Living Free Together.
    I think that I need to work harder on leaving a legacy of service. It’s kind of a tricky one, because when a mom serves her children all the time and does not teach them to serve others, they can take being served for granted and feel entitled and not make the crossover to “OH, I should serve others and not just expect to be served all the time.”

  4. Your series looks fantastic about leaving a legacy. I have signed up. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and I found yours. You have a beautiful website and I look forward to getting to know you.

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