Work Mom: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Work Mom
Work Mom

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Simple instructions found on any number of bottles of shampoo.  Instructions so simple, so obvious and so redundant that by most standards they’re immediately connected to the idea of mindless or routine activity.

Did you know that this phrase is also known as the Shampoo Algorithm?  Seriously, it’s a thing.

An algorithm is basically a process or set of rules or steps used for solving a particular problem.  It turns out the Shampoo Algorithm is one of the more well known.  And, it got me to thinking about some of the problems and challenges we’ve been talking about during this Work Mom Series.

Each week we’ve talked about unique Work Mom problems and challenges as well as potential solutions.  And, here’s what I know.  It’s far easier to purpose to make a change to a behavior or habit immediately after being challenged to think about the “whys and hows” of your Work Mom life.  The ability to sustain these changes over the long haul is the much harder task.  To borrow from last week, The commitment required to always put your own mask on first is often the first to be set aside.… Click To Tweet

I know because I’ve done it.


Winning looks like

Momma’s, I don’t know about you, but there are some weeks I’m certain I’m winning at this whole Work Mom thing and there there are other weeks where it feels like everything is spinning out of control and I am ready to crash and burn.

There is no simple, easy set of instructions for this Work Mom life. #WorkMom #MotherhoodMatters Click To Tweet

Unlike the Shampoo Algorithm, there is no simple, easy set of instructions for this Work Mom life.  Some days we win and some days we lose.  The important part is that we don’t let either define us.  What looks like winning for me may not resemble what winning looks like for you, your best friend or even your neighbor.

In my mind, winning at the Work Mom life means that I never stop trying.  It means that I come to accept the truth that the more the momma cares for herself, the better able she is to care for others.  Winning at the Work Mom life requires an honest evaluation of my own strengths, weaknesses and priorities.  It requires I learn to delegate and ask for help.  It means I learn to rest and admit that if things aren’t done perfectly it’s not the end of the world – especially, if I am the cause of the imperfection.  Winning as a Work Mom means I extend a lot of grace to myself and other; winning is grace pouring down like an overflowing bathtub.

Winning as a Work Mom means I extend a lot of grace to myself and others; winning is grace pouring… Click To Tweet

The Work Mom Algorithm

I hope and pray that this Work Mom Series will serve as a guide; a set of instructions for for addressing the problems or challenges you’re facing in your Work Mom life.  If you’re just joining us today I’ve included links below to the four earlier posts in the Series.  And, if you’ve been along for the entire ride I am so glad and would love to hear your feedback and/or have you refer my blog to a friend or two.

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