Prayers for my Daughters

A couple of weeks ago the Weatherman was out of town, our littles were in bed, and I was ready to sit down and watch a “momma show”.  And then it happened, I felt a nudge in my spirit.  I felt the weight on my shoulders of everything 2016 had ushered upon our family and without a second thought I got down on my knees.  There in the hallway, I took turns outside each of their bedroom doors with my forehead to the floor and prayed.  I prayed with a desperation and a fierceness, as though their young little lives depend on it, and they do.

I don’t know what 2016 was like for you or your family, but I can tell you it put ours through the ringer.  I’ve always considered myself a prayer warrior, especially in regard to our children, but there were things in 2016 that we were exposed to and became aware of that made me rethink how I pray for our kids.  There is a heightened sense of urgency impressed upon me and I’ve purposed to go into the new year with a new focus on prayer and to share that focus with others.

Mommas, I know with a certainty that God has a plan and a purpose for our children’s lives and that we are raising the next generation of Kingdom builders. With that knowledge, here are some of the things I’m praying for our girls.

They would know and never doubt God’s love for them.  There is nothing that seems to interrupt our relationship with our Heavenly Father like shame or the feeling of being unloveable.  I pray they would never struggle with this.

That they would have obedient spirits.  In our broken world we see so many examples of defiance.  It seems almost against our nature to submit to the authority of God or any other authority figure.  I pray that our girls would have obedient spirits; honoring both God and their parents.

That they would have Godly wisdom to know what is right and the courage to do what is right.  We are told many times in the Bible to seek wisdom.  I pray now for wisdom for them, I pray that they would seek wisdom of their own initiative, and I pray that they would not only know what is right but also that they would have the necessary courage to do what is right – all the time.

That they would have Godly friends.  Mommas, we know that not everyone our children encounters will be a believer; but, I do pray that my girls have close friends who are Jesus girls.  I pray for friends whose parents instill similar values and share similar beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus girls will make mistakes too, but I’m praying for friends that will be convicted by the same Spirit.

That God would reveal to them His will for their life and that they would be obedient to that calling.  There are so many who wander through life without focus or purpose.  Or, many of us forge ahead on our own paths without first seeking God’s direction.  God has created each of my girls with special gifts and it’s my prayer that God will revel His will for their lives and that they would be obedient to it.

That they would love and seek the Lord all the days of their lives.  As parents we pray for our kids and work to teach and model what it means to have a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father.  But our faith is not enough to carry them through this life and nor should it be.  Ours should not be a surrogate for their own relationship and so I pray that they would have their own loving relationship with Him and that they would seek Him always.

That they would not struggle with addiction.  Growing up I witnessed the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction; and I know that I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with food.  There are so many struggling  with different types of addiction whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, money or any number of other things.  No matter the type, addiction is destructive and consumes our families, our relationships – our souls.  Addiction destroys and consumes everything God loves, and for that reason I pray against addiction in their lives.

That they would have a heart for His people and the Church.  Our lives are not our own to live.  And, while I know each of my girls was created uniquely, I pray that they each have a heart for serving God’s people and His Church as I know that is the call for all believers.

I pray for their future spouses and against all sexual immorality.  Marriage is a covenant before God and something that our broken world seems to view as either an outdated concept or as disposable.  It’s my prayer that each of my girls future spouse be raised in a home and family with strong, Godly marriages.  I pray against all sexual immorality for my daughters and their future spouses.  I pray that their future spouses would love God first and them second.  I pray that their husband would be Godly leaders, providers for their families, and gentle and loving partners.  I pray that they would be faithful in their marriages, engaged and present fathers, and passionate for the church.

And although it seems like quite a list, this is just the start.  Every breath can be a silent prayer.  Let me encourage you (as I will be) to spend time praying at the beginning of 2017 as to how you might better pray for your children this year.  It is one of the most significant things you can do this new year.

9 thoughts on “Prayers for my Daughters

  1. Julia, such beautiful and heartfelt prayers we all need for our children! Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Jesus and Coffee!

  2. Julia, you are writing the passion of my heart! I have prayed these very prayers for so many years over all 3 of my children, and yes, it does matter!! Such a beautiful calling we have as mothers and such a gift to pray for that purpose God definitely has over their lives. Blessings to you!

    1. Crystal – I am so encouraged to hear that these prayers speak to you and that you share a similar passion when it comes to our children and leaving a legacy of faith and godliness!

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