Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom

If your life is anything like mine, the Advent season is filled with busy days.  My calendar is marked by class and work parties, and concerts and bell ringings.  There are cards to craft and mail, Christmas dinners to plan, presents to wrap, and always last minute shopping to do . . .

With that in mind I’ve put together a few gift ideas for busy moms – use it to shop for a friend, your own mom, or maybe just forward it to a spouse doing his own last minute shopping.  Comment below with your favorite gift idea for busy moms and you might find yourself the recipient of a gift book from me!  (Recipients of the free books will be selected on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.)

2017 inkWELL Press liveWELL Planner 

Every busy mom has her own unique way of managing her days, and for me it’s the inkWELL bound, flex horizontal planner.  After I ordered my planner I received the first in a series of planning videos meant to help me identify my personalized planning style.  With a $54.00 price tag the inkWELL planners are affordable and comparable in price to other leading brands but come with a more intuitive styling and the personalization that the Type A women in your life will love.  Check out this great walkthrough video:

Apple Watch, Series 1 or 2  

Two years ago while training for my first half marathon and working to improve my health I found myself wearing both a Garmin Forerunner 10 and a Fitbit Charge HR.  I wore the Garmin on runs to measure my distance and keep track of my pace and splits and I wore the Fitbit Charge HR all the time to keep track of my steps.  Looking for something that would combine the capabilities of the two devices and look more work appropriate I received the Apple Watch for my 40th birthday.  I was instantly fascinated with the device.  Not only did I love keeping track of my steps, distance, and pace with the same device but I also loved the interplay with my iPhone and watch.  Receiving text and calendar notifications discretely in the middle of the work day is a plus as are the numerous health reminders.  The Apple Watch isn’t just a practical gift but it’s also a fashionable one.  There are many options to choose from when selecting a watch face and there are even more options when it comes to selecting a band.  This fall the Apple Watch Series 2 was released with built in GPS functionality and water proofing – this upgrade made it to the top of my Christmas list.  Prices vary on Series type but range from $269.00 – to $369.00 for the non-designer models.

Design your own here:

A Spa Visit
Whether we’re talking deep tissue or prenatal massages or manis and pedis – it’s likely that the busy mom in your life doesn’t invest a lot in self care.  For many moms, self care can feel indulgent, like an unwarranted splurge, and let’s face it, spa visits can be time consuming.  Free time is not something busy moms have in abundance and a gift of a spa visit sends the message that the recipient is worthy of self care.  Here in mid-Michigan, my favorite spa location is the Douglas J Salon in Okemos, Michigan.  However, Douglas J also have locations in Rochester Hills and Ann Arbor.  If you’re looking for a spa in your area, check out this link:  Prices for services will vary depending on location and type.

A Great Escape

While a trip to a warm tropical island may not be a reality you can still encourage a little time away.  How about a gift card for dinner and a movie to her favorite restaurant and theater?  This gift won’t break the bank but if it comes with the offer of free babysitting she may just feel like she’s sailing away for the evening.

Meal Service

I will never forget what my mom gave me for my very first Mother’s Day; a gift card to Dream Dinners.  That certificate inspired the first of many visits – Dream Dinners helps busy families by assisting them to assemble healthy and tasty meals that can be frozen and used later for a quickly prepared home cooked meals.  There are many other meal service companies these days – most of which now deliver right to your door.  This gift from my mom was one of the best I ever received.  The moment I come home from work I am met by enthusiastic kids, dogs, and a husband  – all clamoring for dinnertime, anything that can facilitate and speedup that process means more time for my family and that is a win!

A Good Read 

I used to read ALL the time – but that was before I became a mom and advanced in my career.  Now quiet moments with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book are few and far between.  Why not buy the busy momma in your life a gift card to her favorite coffee shop and a good book?  Both send the message of encouraging her to take some time for herself to do something she enjoys.

If you are looking for some good reads below are a few of my favorites.  If you would like your chance to win one of these books make sure you share in the comments your favorite gift choice.  Also, forward this post along to that special someone shopping for the busy mom in his life – you’ll be glad you did!

  • Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst:
  • Praying Circles around Your Children by Mark Batterson:
  • Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small by Mark Batterson:
  • The Broken Way Study Guid with DVD by Ann Voskamp: