30 Days of Thankfulness – Gratitude Catch Up

What a week of things to be thankful for!  It’s time for a gratitude catch up.

Day 16:  Today I had a prep appointment for my upcoming LASIK surgery and as I reviewed the waiver they gave me to sign I thought about all the things that could go wrong.  The worst of all the “bad things” seemed to share the same end result – loss of vision.  I am incredibly excited to be having LASIK surgery; the thought of waking in the morning and being able to see without having to put my “eyes” (contacts) in is incredible.  BUT, I’ll be honest, the thought of losing my sight scares me.  The thought of never again seeing the faces of my husband and children again makes me ill.  And, while I would also miss so many other beautiful sights, I would dread the absence of holding a book in my hands and reading the written word.  For so many reasons I am grateful for my vision.

Day 17:  Memories. Memories. Memories. I am grateful for the most amazing family pictures we received today.  I love documenting my girls as they grow and having these pictures provides a keepsake for me as they grow up and eventually out.  I also love the though of passing these visual memories down to my girls.  All photo credits go to the most amazing Lindsay Wilkinson.

Day 18:  Today I am thankful for Disney movies and a gusty, rainy night that resulted in cuddles and my first viewing of Beauty and the Beast with my beautiful girls.

Day 19:  There is nothing like a good pair of running shoes, a buff, and some hand warmers to start the weekend with.  I am grateful for a running buddy that led the way and for some great race bling.