30 Days of Thankfulness- Days 5 & 6

One day is simply not enough to account for the gratitude I have towards this man and two is only slightly less paltry but you have to start somewhere.

The Weatherman is an easy going guy but beneath that laid back exterior there are levels upon levels of complexity.  Today I want to honor certain things about him that are really a guise for just how deep he is.  Stay with me – this is going to be good.

1) His favorite ice cream is bubblegum flavored.  I hate bubblegum and consequently bubblegum ice cream. I don’t like the chunks of gum in it or the sickly pink Pepto color. I used to tease him about this personal favorite – my friends and I had a good chuckle over it. But the Weatherman stood firm. He didn’t alter what he liked because I teased him over it.  

Lesson: He knows what he likes and that’s not going to be swayed by what other people think. He’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

2) He spent many years watching The Gilmore Girls. What? Can there possibly be anything redeeming in this? Did he voluntarily turn in his man card? I remember asking on our first date what shows he watched and one of them was The Gilmore Girls – I was like “Seriously!?”

Lesson: A single dad, my husband made it a priority to spend time with his then 3 girls and even be present when they were watching television.  He is an invested parent and wants to be present with his kids. Even if it means doing things he wouldn’t choose to do.

3) He possesses what his mother (and many others) refers to as that “Dale humor”. When I ask where one of the girls are he’ll say something like ‘I think she’s playing in the road’. I usually don’t appreciate this humor at first.  In fact usually it’s maddening. But later I usually realize how ridiculous some of my questions are.

Lesson: There are so many things to learn from this. First, I take life too seriously and could stand to relax and enjoy things a little more. I could also stand to laugh a little more.  Second, it’s an extreme display of grace when I am asking him about things I know I really don’t have to worry about and can entrust to his care – like our kids.

4) He still asks for toys for Christmas. I’m convinced the Weatherman is one of the happiest persons I know at Christmas time. One year it was a flying simulator set, then a kayak, then a remote controlled plane, an Apple Watch, etc. He will never ask for new socks or a pair of slippers. Definitely never a tie.
Lesson: It’s important to know how to relax and have fun at any age. Life is too short to be so busy running from one chore to the next all of the time. Play isn’t just important for kids.  It’s also important for us grown-ups to do the things that bring us happiness and joy and to share those things with the ones we love.

Today and always I’m grateful for loving the one I’m with.