For such a time as this

On a recent grocery shopping trip I plowed through my Compel Training 201 podcasts.  (I listened to three of them over the course of the shopping trip!) Packing the groceries into the child-free minivan I received an email from my husband;  the email included a link to a TED talk titled “Why do ambitious women have flat heads?” Intrigued, I found myself clicking on the link and listening to the talk on the way home.  This led me to listen to the famed Sheryl Sandberg TED talk and then to another, this one by Reshma Saujani, entitled “Teach girls bravery, not perfection”.  Although, the last of these three talks has been my favorite; each of them contained invaluable information.  They spoke to me as a wife, as a mother; as a professional in a male dominated field and as a leader.  Central to each of them was the unique potential inherent to women.  This potential is often unrecognized, subordinated, marginalized and redirected by our culture and our world.

Listening to these talks in the context of the business world, and information technology made me wonder if there was a similar message for women in context of the church.  Is the church experiencing a similar  dilemma?  These women, dynamic speakers, reminded me of the passionate Christine Caine as she talks about discipleship and passing on the baton of faith.

This evening I wonder, is there a voice passionately rising to champion the role of women and their servant leadership within the church?  There are Christian leaders encouraging women in the context of marriage and motherhood; but is anyone drawing attention to the unique role women play in growing and shaping the Church?  Where is the passion for women leading within the church and who is talking about it?